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How long does it take to see the results of meditation?

How long does it take to see the results of meditation?

How long you need to persevere depends on the length of your sessions and how often you meditate. The benefits of meditation can be felt as soon as after a single session. Some studies have shown an increase in mood, a decrease in stress and a reduction in blood pressure after a single session. Some benefits, such as increased concentration and decreased stress, may be experienced after a few weeks and others take longer to develop.

Neuroimaging studies have shown that meditation actually changes the shape of the brain (see "How meditation works") after 8 weeks. How long in terms of weeks, months or years of a regular meditation practice before you notice clear benefits that were definitely not just in your imagination or placebo effects? And please omit that meditation works instantly, you just don't know it for a while, or if you want it to work, it won't or the worst "kill me" nonsense of letting go of your expectation that something is supposed to happen. I know that having expectations is counterproductive, but that is not a valid answer to a simple question. Meditation has been one of the most profound things I have ever undertaken.

None of this new age hippie nonsense. I've been at it for two months now and I feel like a new person. The level of concentration I now have is unprecedented, as is my ability to flow with the moment. A week later, I have not only felt better.

Something fundamental has changed since I started meditating. And so far, it's been great. Just out of curiosity, what kind of meditation have you been practising, can you point me to resources on how to get started, videos, guides, etc.? I want to start meditating but I don't know how. Also, how long are your meditation sessions? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? I have been meditating for 5 years.

I didn't think it worked for those 5 years until a few days ago when I really reflected on my life and realised that it had. What do you feel when you meditate, and why do you keep it up year after year if it doesn't seem to work? I tried to do it intermittently without music and it generally threw me off, but I started meditating with music and the difference was like night and day, it allowed me to concentrate and have a fixed schedule so I didn't have to look at the clock. It has been found that with most people, benefits such as reduced stress and anxiety start to appear with a few months of practice. Again, it will be different for each person.

For some people it may take a few months; for others it may take several years. Many people see dramatic results on their first attempt at meditation. Others take months or years to notice changes. However, research in MBCT and MBSR shows that after 8 weeks of training, many people see noticeable improvements.

How do you know if you are reaping the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in your life?.