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what are the three levels of meditation?

what are the three levels of meditation?

In Tibetan Buddhism, paramita dhyana can be practised on three levels. The first level is called worldly concentration. Some of us hear "mundane" and have been trained to think "bad". It can be your breath, a mantra or even an object like a flame.

Your goal is to corral your wild horse thoughts into a singular focus. You teach and train your mind to return to this thing, just as you train a dog to sit even when there are birds flying by or treats in your hand. As Stage 2 progresses, the length of the intervals will increase. Silence will seem louder than sound.

The background will come to the fore. The busy world of thought content will seem more distant, but still clear and relatable. Observing silence does not mean that you are trying to be silent. You are simply noticing the silence between the episodes of content playing in the mind.

Your attention is on the silence. No effort is needed to increase or manipulate the silence, or to change your thoughts. Many of my students start by counting the breath, level 2, and then quickly move on to using a quieter, more internal method. This is important, as everything I mentioned chronic stress, low level inflammation, and sympathetic overload can ultimately be traced to a source in what your DNA is doing inside the cell.